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ElNorado Productions believes that creativity is the key to success.
That's why we love using our creativity to further your success.

Leave the best impression online with the most influential words, powerful images, effective design and music that puts the emotion to your brand. With our experience, enthusiasm and talent you have ensured yourself of the best creative resources. We create music, digital content and ofcourse (online) media. Whether you need music production, online editing, photography, graphic design or whatever else, ElNorado Productions is the go-to company. With partners and a world wide network of freelance creatives in various fields, the company is a full blown partner for many branches and for many purposes. Snappy marketing campaigns, a stand out radio commercial, even that hit song with a killer hook; it's what ElNorado Productions is here for.

ElNorado Productions is founded by Nora Tol, a known pop singer/songwriter who's previously owned a web design/Internet company for 15 years. She has a life time of expertise in music and almost 20 years of experience in online design, -development, -marketing and content creation.

ElNorado works with reliable partners in Holland, Australia and the US. There's also an ever growing, group of freelancers to help out where ever needed.


Our current list of services exists of:
Music production
Production of radio commercials and radio/DJ drops
Lyric writing
Writing online content (blogs, articles, biographies, social media posts)
Proofreading online content and editing it
Writing product descriptions or commercial marketing texts
Optimalisation of site content for search engines
Graphic design for online purposes
Web design and development

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