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Privacy Statement

May 20th 2021

We are ElNorado Productions. We produce and optimize websites, online content and music. Even though we say ‘we’, ElNorado Productions is legally registered in The Netherlands as a “one man business“. We are happy to have you as a customer, staff member, business partner or visitor, because – just like you – we want to earn our money with activities we really believe in. For this, we collect some of your personal information. This is what we collect and store from you, and how we treat your information. We do this with the upmost care.

1 – About us:

ElNorado Productions
Memelstraat 3
8232 RK Lelystad
The Netherlands

Chambers of commerce: 63332493

Websites: https://www.elnorado.nl and https://www.elnorado.com

Contact us with any of your questions, complaints or requests concerning your personal information. E-mail to: privacyinfo@elnorado.com or use the contact form on our websites.

2- Which personal information do we collect?

We collect and store your personal information for various purposes. We strive to limit this to only the information we really need. When we request information from you, we explain why we need this and ask for your permission to receive this information from you.

Basic Personal Information:

For administration purposes we (might) ask / store the following information from you:

  1. First- and Last Name (contactperson)
  2. Initials
  3. Address(es) (home address, business address, postal address)
  4. Birthdate and Age
  5. IBAN or Bank Account information
  6. PayPal information
  7. Credit Card Number
  8. E-mail address(es)
  9. Phone number(s)
  10. Chat handles/nicknames for chat systems, like Skype, Teams etc
  11. Social Media accounts
  12. Website(s) (URLs)
  13. Materials to process your request (documents, photos, texts)
  14. Communication (inquiries you make to us via whichever way (online forms, letters, e-mails, text, voicemail, but also systems like Trello, Planner))
  15. Login information (only when necessary to process your request)

2a. Additional Basic Business Information

Also for administration purposes, we (might) ask you – as a representative for a business – for the following additional information:

  1. Business Name
  2. Legal Entity (LTD, LLC etc)
  3. Business Registration number (for instance Chambers of Commerce)
  4. VAT-ID or other Tax ID
  5. Activities (services, products)
  6. Role of contact person (if applicable)
  7. Business Cards or Other Marketing Material

2b. Additional Information Job Applicant

When you apply for a job with us we (might) also ask you for the following information:

  1. Sex
  2. CV
  3. Motivational/Cover Letter
  4. Education
  5. Copy of your ID
  6. BSN / Social Security Number
  7. Marital Status
  8. Nationality
  9. Photo

We store this information, only when it’s strictly necessary for Dutch laws or other legal requirement. Otherwise, it’s deleted immediately.

3- Collecting Info From Website Visitor

We offer various products and services through our websites to customers and non-customers (visitors). From them, we also collect some information, sometimes.

3a- Google Analytics

We love data and use Google Analytics for our analytical brains. They collect the following data for us, which they store on their own server. They save this for 14 months, after your visit to our website:

a. your location (place, region, country)
b. IP address (anonymized)
c. which pages you viewed and how long for
d. your operating system
e. your web browser
f. your browse behavior (only with your explicit approval)

You can decline permission to store this info, at any time, via the cookie settings on our website.

With this data, we can view how many people come to our website, which pages are popular and where people are viewing from. We want to optimize our website and services based on this info. We have an agreement with Google about how they process your information.

In case we collect your browse behavior, a (tracking) cookie gets placed on your computer. This cookie collects which websites you visit, so Google Ads can (potentially) show you personalized advertisement on our websites. Also see article 6.

If you want to read the details about how they treat your info, just check out Google’s privacy policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en&fg=1

3b- Web Forms (contact forms on our websites)

It’s so easy to contact us through our websites and request services or information, or even start your project or tell us what you think (like leaving a comment or review). Each form clearly states what your information is used for. We ask permission to process and store your information through our website.

Some of our partners, or systems we use, log additional information – outside of the fields you see in the forms. We show this info below. It’s good to know that your IP address gets logged by some of these systems, to prevent abuse of the forms later. This is for security reasons.

If you don’t want to agree with this, no problem. There are other ways to contact us!

3b.1- XXL Webhosting

Our websites are hosted by XXL Webhosting, with servers also known as Yourwebhoster.com. The information you fill out in these forms, ultimately, are stored on their server – in our account. They could be stored for up to 12 months, after you filled out the form.

Look at https://www.xxlhosting.nl/voorwaarden to see how they treat your info.

3b.2- WordPress

Our websites (possibly) use the open source software, WordPress. When you comment to a blog or page, or you link to us (pingback), WordPress (possibly) also logs (in addition to fields you see in the form):

  1. Your IP address
  2. The referring page (link): The page from which you link us, including a small preview of your page content
  3. Date and Time

See how WordPress treats your info: https://automattic.com/privacy/

3b.3- Gravity Forms

For our online web forms, we (possibly) use Gravity Forms, a WordPress plugin. This regards (but is not limited) to our contact forms to request information, a meeting, proposals or just to send us an e-mail. When you submit the form, Gravity Form additionally logs:

  1. Your IP address

Your information is sent through Gravity Forms and stored in WordPress, where it is stored for a maximum of 12 months.

See how Gravity Forms treats your info: https://www.gravityforms.com/privacy/

3b.3.1- Zapier

Within Gravity Forms, we use Zapier to automate processes, depending on your request. When everything is in working order, Zapier doesn’t store any information from your form submission. It just passes it on to the next app (see below), but upon error, it stores all fields from your form submission and:

  1. Your IP address
  2. Date and Time

See how Zapier treats your info: https://zapier.com/privacy

3b.3.2 – Google Calendar

When using a form that leads to a meeting request (like a callback request), all fields from your form submission (possibly) gets stored as a meeting in Google Calendar.

See how Google treats your info here: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en&fg=1

3b.3.3 – Trello

When using a form that leads to a meeting request (like a callback request), all fields from your form submission (possibly) gets stored as a task in Trello.

See how Trello treats your information: https://trello.com/privacy

3b.4- Mailchimp

All our digital newsletters and mailings are sent via Mailchimp. When you subscribe to a newsletter, your basic personal information is stored on the Mailchimp server. You are asked to give permission for this, during your subscription on our websites. And you are asked to confirm by e-mail.

Sometimes, we add a category to your subscription, based on which submission form you’ve used. This profiling is just to ensure you only get mailings on topics you are interested in.

You can always unsubscribe, at the bottom of every mailing. You could also just ask us and we will unsubscribe you. Mailchimp might sent you one more e-mail just to check.

See how Mailchimp treats your information here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

3b.5 WooCommerce

Our webshops (possibly) use WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin. This stores all your orders and login information. You can access all your information with your own account information.

3b.6 Cookies

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that store data, for instance to prevent you from having to re-enter data in our forms. They can also store data that allows us to see your behavior, like whether you’ve visited our website before. When you first visit our website, you get to see an explanation about our cookies. We assume you agree by using our basic cookie settings, when you continue to browse our website. You can always alter your settings or decline the cookies, which could prevent you from experiencing our website to the fullest.

We’ve made agreements with our partners about the cookies they use, while you are on our website. Understand that we have no control over how they manage their cookies. Please also read their privacy statements.

3b.7 Payment Processors – PayPal, Mollie

To (partially) process your payments through our websites, webshop and client portal, we use platforms Mollie and PayPal. Both process your name, address and payment information, such as your bank account- or credit card number, and possibly your e-mail address (which will be requested, in every case). They have taken the appropriate step to protect your information and have the right to use the data to improve their services. For this, they could share your information (anonymized) with others. Mollie and PayPal don’t store your information longer than needed and required by law.

Privacy Statement Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/privacy-center

Privacy Statement Mollie: https://www.mollie.com/en/privacy

4- How do we collect information?

We collected your personal information from you or through public sources (like social media), because you registered as a customer, business partner, job applicant, for instance because you requested more information from us about our services, or when you were visiting our website.

5- Why do we need this info?

Usually for the required paper work, but also to be of good service to you, for instance when we make you a personalized proposal. Additionally, we combine your info from various sources to optimize our websites and create wonderful, useful products and services. We aim to really support you and make life and doing business easier for you.

We process your information, depending on which service, product or functionality you want to use, but always for one or more of the following objectives:

  1. To allow you to order products and services through our websites and get the most of our services and best functionality.
  2. To process your request as best as possible
  3. To inform you clearly, for instance to track your order, and do this as personalized as possible
  4. To advice and support you
  5. To meet legal requirements
  6. To process your job application
  7. To research or process your complaint
  8. To answer your questions through social media, chat, e-mail, mail or phone
  9. To find out what interests people so we can create and test new products and services
  10. To send you personalized newsletters or mailing
  11. To improve our websites

6-Marketing and Advertising

We could (potentially) use your data to send you offers or information about new services. We use e-mail, websites, live chat, social media, phone (or messaging services like WhatsApp), ads, snail mail and our customer portals for this. You can always object to this. Each mailing includes instructions to sign off and feel free to let us know when you speak to us on the phone.

6a. Google Ads en Google Adsense

We sometimes advertise with Google Ads or accept ads from other parties using Google AdSense. With your permission, we place a cookie to collect data from you about which websites you visit. This info is collected by Google to gain insight in your behavior for the purpose to advertise.

We have a privacy agreement with Google in which we only allow Google to use data collected with Google Analytics for Google Ads. IP addresses are anonymized.

See how Google treats your info here: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en&fg=1

7- Do We Share Information With Others?

Sometimes, some information is shared. We collaborate with other companies, independent artists or freelancers to offer you some of our services. Only the strictly necessary and/or legally required information gets shared with them. This applies to any paper work, but it’s also applicable if the police requests us information for their research. In this case, we are legally bound to share their requested information.

When we share your information, we make sure they don’t use your information for any other purpose. We also agree with them, to delete the info, as soon as they are no longer needed.

7a- Hosting Services and Hosting Support Requests

Our hosting services is a joint effort with our partner, XXL Webhosting. For this, we (might) share some of personal information, for instance to make sure you own your own domain name. XXL Webhosting is also a Dutch company. Look at https://www.xxlhosting.nl/voorwaarden to see how they treat your information.

Also see 3b.

8- Protecting And Storing Info

We treat your data with care. We are required to secure your information and be able to restore it. To do so, we keep our systems up to date by using automated updates. Weekly backups are made of our ICT-systems, which always overwrite the last backup. Mail or notes on paper are shredded before getting offered for recycling, in separate batches.

When you use our website, we protect your data by applying SSL-encryption and our strong password policy.

We take appropriate steps accordingly to protect your information, in our attempt to prevent unauthorized access to it. We demand the same from our partners, with whom we shared your information.

Within our internal systems and/or archives we store work orders (and the related project communication and documentation) for a maximum 5 years – after the order was given and the collaboration ended. Project boards, like Trello or Planner tasks are archived or deleted sooner.

Within our webshops, your order history is stored as long as the webshop exists and (possible) to maximum 5 years after.

When you react to a blog or article using the comment-form, your comments are visible indefinitely. You can request to remove this via privacyinfo@elnorado.com.

Also see article 3 for more storage details.

9- Your Rights

On grounds of current Dutch and European laws, you have certain rights towards the way we deal with your data.

You always have the right to view, change and limit which data we have stored from you or the data that is traceable to you. Contact us with your requests. You’ll receive a reaction from us in 30 days. If your requests is processed, you’ll receive all information to the primary e-mail address we have on file for you, unless you already have access to everything through our dashboards or customer portals.

If you want to receive the information on another e-mail address, we will ask you to ID yourself.

10- Changes to Our Privacy Statement

We alter our privacy statement from time to time. It’s advised to check back regularly. This statement is not applicable on third party websites that have been linked from our website.

11- Issues?

If you have any problems, please always contact us via privacyinfo@elnorado.com or use one of our contact forms on our websites. However, if we can’t make it work for you, that you can use your rights to privacy laws to complain to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. Contact them here Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.